Are Soundbars Good for Karaoke?

A Karaoke night with your mates is the most fun way to unwind after a long week. But some people find it inconvenient to get a karaoke speaker, as they tend to be expensive. But we have some good news, you don’t have to buy an exclusive setup for karaoke.

You can utilize the speakers you have to arrange a makeshift setup. We know that everyone with a soundbar will have a question as soundbars are the most common pair of speakers… Are soundbars good for karaoke?

No, soundbars on their own are not the most appropriate choice for karaoke. To make this setup work, you will have to add a mixer to regulate the sound and audio feedback. On top of this, some soundbars do not have a port for a microphone. So, choosing the right soundbar is crucial, if you are planning to use your soundbar for karaoke.

How To Use Soundbars for Karaoke?

The soundbar manufacturers did not give it a thought… Why would people use them for karaoke? But why not? They produce good sound and occupy less space while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic in your space. Well, we have got you covered. Follow the steps below to connect a microphone to your soundbar for a fun karaoke night with friends or family.

Find the audio source

If your soundbar has sound (pun intended) then it is connected to an audio source. You will have to identify the source and then disconnect it from the soundbar. In the majority of cases, your soundbar may be plugged into your TV or a gaming console.

Now for your karaoke microphone to be attached, you need to disconnect the wire from its source.

Karaoke Mixer

Now that your audio source is disconnected from your TV or any other device that you are using, you need to connect that wire into the “audio in” port on your karaoke mixer. Do not worry if your wire is not compatible with the audio in port. There are plenty of adapters available on the internet that will help you join the two ends.

Soundbar Connection

After you are done with these two steps, you are almost done. Just find the “audio-out” port on the karaoke mixer and use it to connect your soundbar to the karaoke mixer. You can use an adapter to assist the connection if these two ports are not compatible. The most common adapter is the 3.5mm to an RCA cable. You can get it from any online site like Amazon.

Microphone In

It’s time for garnishing now – now you will have to connect the microphone to the “Mic” port. There are different types of microphones, the wired ones just need to be plugged in, but you will have to spend some extra time connecting the Bluetooth microphones.

Is A Mixer Necessary for Karaoke?

Yes, if you want to have an authentic karaoke experience then a mixer is important. Why? Well, the main function of a karaoke mixer is to gel the two different sound sources: the instrumental background music and your voice.

Now, if you are just looking to have a fun time without getting into its technical aspects, you do not have to get a karaoke mixer.

How To Perform Karaoke Without a Mixer on A Soundbar?

Suppose you want to enjoy the weekend, but you cannot get your hands on a mixer or simply don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on it. Then do not worry as you can create a makeshift setup for your karaoke. Here’s how!

YouTube has millions of videos that are created as karaoke versions of different songs. There is an instrumental playing in the background, and lyrics are visible on the screen. What you need to do is just use a USB microphone and you will be good to go. After all, it is the people that matter and not the equipment? (Not when you own a karaoke bar).

Karaoke Supported Soundbars to Light Up Your Karaoke Nights

Now that we know that you need a particular type of soundbar to be able to perform the right way. Here are a few options to consider. The former is the high-end model and the latter, a beast with an incredible price.

Bose Soundbar 700 – The Best Option

Many great features are included in the BOSE Soundbar 700. First, the sound quality is amazing as far as soundbars are considered. The bar will recognize your room and adapt itself. On top of this, you can incorporate other speakers with it to expand it into 5.1 equipment and enjoy the surround sound system.


The design of this soundbar is best described as “minimalistic”. The bar is long and sleek with minimal ports on the front of it. If you have a bigger TV, then it will be appropriate for it. The ports are inclusive of attaching a karaoke mixer with it. So, you are all set when it comes to the design.

Why is it good for karaoke?

There are ports that you can use to connect a karaoke mixer with it. The nuances in the sound and the quality are appropriate to create a bigger and balanced sound. Even if you don’t want to incorporate a mixer, you can use a USB microphone and play the YouTube karaoke gems.

The Cons

There is only one thing that you should consider while getting this device – the price. It is priced around 799 dollars, which is quite a bit for a soundbar. But considering the quality and the design, it is worth it.
If you want to invest in a soundbar that you can use for karaoke nights on the weekend, Bose Soundbar 700 will be your best bet.

Sony HTSF200 – Best Value for Price

Moving onto a more affordable soundbar, Sony HTSF200 is something that you should consider buying if you are on a budget but still want to enjoy the perks of using a soundbar for karaoke. The sound is ideal for your living room as it includes a subwoofer that is incorporated in the soundbar.


The design is not fancy, but it will without a doubt add a nice touch to your space. As stated earlier that it has a subwoofer in the device itself so you can save up on that extra space without compromising on the bass. As far as attaching a karaoke mixer is attached – you can do it by following the steps we have mentioned earlier. Or you can include a makeshift setup by adding a USB microphone and playing the YouTube karaoke videos.

Why Is It Good for Karaoke?

We will be honest; it is not the best soundbar for karaoke. But it is the best that you can get for this price tag. On top of this, you can add a mixer to it and enjoy all the fancy perks. The inclusion of the subwoofer offers a very sublime touch of bass that will enhance the instrumentals of your karaoke playlist.

The Cons

There is only one aspect of it that you should be worried about. It’s the sound power. If you are going to use it in a larger space, then you should try to oceanside other options. However, if you own a smaller space and want to use it as is then you do not need to worry about any of it.


Sound Bars are good for karaoke, but they are not the ideal device to be used for this purpose. If you do not have any issues with buying a separate karaoke speaker, then you should avoid using a soundbar for karaoke. However, if you are limited in your resources then there are a couple of soundbars that are suitable for karaoke. You can add a karaoke mixer to balance the sound or use the YouTube karaoke hack by incorporating a USB mic. It all depends on your preference.

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