Can You Do Karaoke Without a Machine?

Can anything be more frustrating than having a karaoke party at home, but the karaoke machine deceived you at the last moment? Of course, you can’t step back now. How about setting up DIY karaoke at home? Or, can you do karaoke without a machine?

Yes, you can! Even without having a karaoke machine, you can set up karaoke at your home. All you need to do is gather all the necessary equipment like a mixer, speaker, microphone, screen to display lyrics, and a high-quality song source.

How to set up karaoke without a machine?

First, you need to gather all the equipment. Here is the detailed list of karaoke gears you need for a home DIY karaoke setup.

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1. Microphones

A karaoke party without getting crazy over the music is incomplete. For a karaoke party, microphones are one of the most crucial elements. It depends on how grand the party is, about how many microphones you need for the party.

The more be the microphones, the more be the fun. The least to have is a pair. It allows group or duet performances. Yet, some mixers also support up to 4 connections at one time.

Here, the choice of microphones also matters. To get the best, you will encounter wired and wireless microphones. Go with wireless models for effortless fun without getting puzzled in the wires. However, wireless microphones will cost you more than wired.

2. Speakers

Higher the sound quality, the higher the fun will be. Speakers have a transcendent influence on your karaoke party. For your home karaoke party setup, make sure to go with active speakers or a PA sound system.

What you need to avoid are the home theater speakers. These speakers get damaged effortlessly; when mounted with a home karaoke setup.

Just like microphones, you will encounter the same options; wired and wireless. Check the compatibility of your mixer before finalizing the type. Also, you can have combos of speakers and microphones at an affordable rate, yet the quality will be lower.

3. Song sources

Selecting the sound source for a home karaoke setup has always been a mess. Of course, there should be no compromise on the sound supply.

The widely used sound source is YouTube. The best part about this sound source is the compatibility with every device. Also, the number of karaoke songs available will be worth the experience free of cost.

Nevertheless, the only issue here is the sound. You might feel some songs are off the beat on YouTube.

Another sound source you can opt for is the Karaoke Apps for Windows, Smartphones, and mixers.

Downloading the karaoke apps on your device, you can stream songs as many as you want free of cost. The sound quality is the reason why you should opt for karaoke apps instead of YouTube.

The high sound quality of the karaoke apps will make you keep continue the party. Besides that, the apps also allow sound recording and editing features.

4. Mixer/Amplifier

En route to asking for can you do karaoke without a machine, you need a mixer. Consider this device as the most crucial element for a DIY karaoke setup.

A mixer/amplifier is a device that combines the audio from your microphones with the background instrumental sound of the song source. As a result, you receive the sound as you sing the original version.

This device acts as a medium, connecting all other equipment of the karaoke setup. What you need to ensure is compatibility. Make sure the mixer is compatible to connect with all other karaoke equipment.

5. Screen

What part of the song is, and what are the lyrics; how would you know without the screen? The screen doubles up the karaoke fun by displaying the lyrics.

There is no need to buy a new screen; your home LED is enough to complete the DIY home karaoke setup. Preferring a laptop is also suitable, but it is only recommended for 2-3 people. Lastly, make sure to check the compatibility range.

6. Karaoke software

Suppose you didn’t get a suitable song source or the apps, how will you stream the songs and continue the party then? Have karaoke software on your laptop or PC.

Like the karaoke apps, karaoke software has high-quality songs with good suggestions per your party mood. You can create playlists, fine-tune the volume, and adjust the tempo with the karaoke software.

The only thing to mention here is the price. The software is not free (only offers a free trial)- Unlike karaoke apps. You need to purchase the premium version to relish the unlimited features.

Is the DIY Karaoke setup worth it?

No matter how effortless it is to set up the DIY home karaoke without the machine, some still wonder if the DIY karaoke setup is worth it?

At the last moment, a home DIY karaoke setup is worth the experience when setting up with high-quality elements. Nevertheless, replacing the karaoke machine will somehow miss the beat.

Gathering a screen, mixer, microphones, and speakers is a hurdle. Contrary to it, a karaoke machine saves your time and offers you all elements in one place.

The sound quality will be the same with or without the machine (only if you use a high-quality sound source and speakers).

Step by Step Guide To DIY karaoke without a machine

Done gathering all the required karaoke gears? Let us now step into the step-by-step DIY process for karaoke setup without a machine.

One thing to notice about this process is you will be connecting all the gears with the mixer as it is the medium to connect setup the karaoke.

Connect the microphones

Let us begin with connecting the microphones with the mixer. In general, use XLR cables to connect the microphone with the mixer. The use of XLR cables is for wired microphones. For wireless ones, use Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi connection.

Connect the speakers

Again, use XLR cables to connect the speakers with the mixer. Locate the speakers nearby the mixer to lessen the wire mess. For wireless speakers, connection over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is the most recommended one.

Setup the smart device

Now is the time to finalize the DIY home karaoke setup. First, connect your smart device with the mixer using RCA or USB cables. You can also do this by using in-built Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Lastly, use desired cables and connect the screen with the mixer. In most cases, XLR or HDMI cables are used.

Rock on the party

You got the microphone, speakers are all set, and lyrics displaying on the screen. Call over your friends and rock on the party! Start with calm songs, then gradually add spices to the party.


Can I use my laptop as a karaoke machine?

It is pretty straightforward to set up karaoke using a laptop. Use an AUX cable to connect your laptop with the karaoke machine. Nevertheless, if you are not using a machine, use Bluetooth or USB to connect the laptop with karaoke speakers.

How can I make my own karaoke?

Here is the process to make your own karaoke;

  • Use XLR cables to connect the microphones and speaker with the mixer.
  • Use USB or RCA cables to connect the smart device with the mixer.
  • Lastly, power ON the mixer and stream the songs.

What equipment do you need for karaoke?

To DIY a home karaoke setup, you need speakers, microphones, a screen, a mixer, and a suitable song source. If you get an all-in-one karaoke mixer, you don’t need to buy the equipment separately.


With this detailed guide, I hope now you know, can you do karaoke without a machine or not. Make sure to implement all the tips to spice the fun at maximum. Lastly, call over all your friends to have the best time of your life!