How Often Should You Replace Headphone Pads?

The purpose of the headphones is to provide an optimal listening experience, and if you are not careful, your headphone pads can make it difficult for you to hear.

It’s always a good idea to know when you should replace your headphone pads. If they are dirty, damaged, or too old, it can cause damage to your headphones and result in poor sound quality.

This post will help you determine the best time to replace your headphone pads so that you never have this issue!


How often should we change our headphone pads? It depends on the pads material as well as the extent of their usage. Good quality pads can stay one to two years while pads from low-quality material can only stay a few months. However, the extent of usage also greatly affects their life span.

If you find that your ear cups are starting to lose their cushioning or they start making a lot of noise when pressed against your ears, then it might be time for some new replacement pads!

The problem is that headphone pads wear down over time – usually after about six months of use – which means you need to replace them every few months for maximum comfort!

Importance of Changing Headphone Pads

People always strive for improved sound quality. Headphone pads are one of the things that can be swapped to improve bass response and noise isolation.

Comfort is another key reason for changing earpads on headphones. However, every headphone will cause discomfort over time, especially around the ear where it presses against the head.

By replacing old, worn-out pads with brand new ones, you will be able to enjoy your headphones for a much longer time with better sound quality(it’s not always the case).

Does Changing Headphone pads Affect Sound Quality?

Yes. Changing earpads can improve sound quality, depending on what you’re after. Different ear pads affect the sound in different ways, and it’s up to you to decide which pads you choose.

The best earpad for your needs is a matter of taste and depends on what you listen to.

For example, if you find that smaller earpads result in your ears touching the driver’s cloth, you may prefer the sound of large pads. Or maybe you’ll like leather earpads because they are more noise isolating.

As a rule of thumb, if comfort is your first priority, you should look for large pads that fit your ear without touching the driver’s cloth. On the other hand, if sound quality is your top concern, choose earpads as thin as possible.

When to Change Headphone Pads?

Over time, headphone pads may lose their original shape and no longer fit or sit securely on your ears.

The two most important factors to consider when replacing headphone pads are sound quality and comfort. If your headphones are becoming uncomfortable to wear and rigid and tough, you should replace them.

Even if your headphones are not creating discomfort, you are not getting good quality sound as the pads are too old. Therefore, it is essential to replace worn-out pads in time for a better listening experience.

What to Look for While Finding New Headphone Pads?

Many people ask how to choose headphone pads, so we have decided to explain the factors to consider before buying new earpads. Just follow these instructions and grab your favorite model!

1. Size

You can measure the width, height, and depth. You can choose replacement earpads according to your headphone model.

2. Material

New earpads are usually made of leatherette, PU leather, or genuine leather. Leatherette is the cheapest option, while the genuine leather gives more comfort for this money. In addition, leather provides better sound insulation, and also it breathes better than leatherette.

3. Shape

You can choose replacement earpads according to your headphone model, or you can compare them with the original ones. As most of today’s headphones are orthodynamic, so their earpads have a circumaural form.

4. Construction Type

You can pick between leather-covered foam pads and genuine leather pads, depending on the construction. Foam pads are soft and comfortable, while leather earpads provide better sound insulation, and in most cases, they don’t require any breaking-in.

5. Compatibility

You should always check whether these earpads fit your headphones. If you use universal models, it is easier to find replacements for them. Usually, such earpads have slightly different forms, and you will need to remove the old earpads before installing new ones.

6. Price

Price is the most critical factor as it limits your options. If you want to upgrade your headphones fully, we recommend choosing the same type of pads as originally used in your device.

But if you just need replacements for broken pads, you can find any cheap price pads on the market.

Best Headphone Pads Manufacturing Companies

The most critical parameters to choosing headphone pads are sound Quality and comfortability. While many companies manufacture headphone pads, we have selected the best companies to buy from.

The top 3 market-leading companies are Plextone, Sony, and Panasonic.

All of these brands have been making headphone pads for decades and have excellent reviews from customers.

These companies use the same high-quality material, which is memory foam, for your comfort.

Plextor, Sony, and Panasonic all manufacture their headphone pads in China under strict quality control guidelines. As a result, they are tested on durability, sound quality, and fit before going out to market.

Best Headphone Pads in 2021

Based on the parameters discussed above, our experts have gathered some of the best high-quality comforts and sounding headphone pads available in the market, which you can find below:

  • BRAINWAVZ Velour
  • WC Wicked Upgraded
  • Qc35 Replacement Ear Cushion
  • Premium Bose QuietComfort 35ii
  • SUNMNS Earpads

How Can You Make Headphone Pads Last Longer?

The excess use of headphone pads can lead them to be torn and worn. It’s important to take care of your headphones for them to stay longer. Here are the tips on how you can make your headphone pads last longer:

  • Headphone pads should be replaced when they become excessively dirty or smelly. To prolong the life of your headphone pad, avoid direct contact with liquids.
  • Make sure you remove moisture from inside your ear cups by wiping down the pads after each use.
  • Storing them in a cool, dry place.
  • You can also put a small amount of talcum powder or cornstarch between the headphone pads to absorb moisture.
  • You should always store your headphones with the headband curled up instead of hanging them down. It will prolong the life of your ear pads and headband pad.

Final Thoughts

Everyone loves to use headphones, and headphone pads make it possible to use them for a longer period of time.

The primary purpose of headphones is to provide comfort as well as good quality sound.

Excessive use of headphones leads to damage, and they become rigid and uncomfortable with time, losing the sound quality.

It is very important to change your headphone pads once they are causing discomfort and producing low-quality sound. You should carefully choose headphone pads as to which one helps you provide comfort to your ears and good quality sound.


1. Why do headphone pads wear out?

Excess use of headphones results in damaging headphone pads. They become rigid as they wear out with time. In addition, every time the form of pads is pressed with the ear, it will add pressure on the form structure, which leads to damage.

2. Does changing headphone pads affect sound quality?

Yes, to some extent! Different pads have different distances from the driver from your ear, which affects the sound.

3. How long do headphone pads typically last?

Well, it depends upon the extent of usage and the build quality of headphone pads. Good quality pads stay longer, while cheap headphone pads will not last more than 2-3 months.

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