Sony SSCS3 Review (A 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker)

If you’re looking for a good FloorStand Speaker under $200 that delivers excellent sound quality, then check out the Sony SS-CS3 speaker.

Nearly all of us are familiar with the Sony brand; it is one of the most recognizable names when it comes to high-quality electronic products, including speakers, headphones, television sets, etc.

Sony speakers are among the best in the car, PC, home, and other large-room speakers you can buy.

The release of the Sony SSCS3 speaker blew us all away. It is a very decent speaker available at an affordable price. The Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker is one of the most popular speakers Sony has ever introduced. As a result, let’s take a look at it in this review.

Sony SS-CS3 Review

1. Design And Build

First thing first, let’s start with the first impression. Sony SS CS3 looks beautiful in any room because of the clean, modern, and sleek design with a black color finish. These are ideal for home theatre systems.

If you’re looking for a tower speaker that does not surround most of the space, sscs3 is for you. The bass mount at the front lets you place the speaker all along with the walls. Most people prefer a front bass mount because it saves a lot of space without compromising the sound quality than speakers with a rear bass mount where to get clean and not muddy bass, you place the speaker a few inches feet away from the walls.

Speaking of the dimension, Sony sscs3 height is 36”, width 9”, and depth 10 and quarter inches.  They weights 11.5kg or 25lbs, 6-ohm impedance, and total wattage of 145watts.

As far as the build quality Sony SSCS3 is made of premium material, and that’s one of the reasons these sound great and #1 best selling speakers. These are made of High-density MDF and coated in black vinyl that ensures long durability.

As far as the woofer, tweeter, and posts layout go, both left and sides surface and clean and smooth. 

At the front side, you’ll see three-quarter inch super tweeter soft dome type, 1-inch tweeter soft dome type as well, two 5 and quarter-inch woofer cone type, and a bass mount at the bottom.

On the backside, they have only two posts with banana plugs that ensure a better connection.

So far, we see the Sony SSCS3 design and build quality, which is impressive at this price range. These are lightweight, easy to drive, and take very little room.

2. Features

Sony SSCS3 3way 4 driver floor standing speakers are already getting huge popularity and ranked at the top in this price range. But the question is which features the speaker’s offer that makes them so popular since 2018.

Here are the following main features of the Sony SSCS3 that make it an excellent-sounding speaker.

  • High-Resolution Audio for uncompromising sound
  • Mica Reinforced Cellular cone, undistorted audio
  • Super tweeters expand your soundstage
  • High precision tweeter for faithful sound
  • 5.12 in Woofer boosts low-end frequencies
  • Tapered faceplate edges keep sound clear

3. Sound Performance

As I said earlier, these are an excellent option for home theatre, and it’s true. Sony SSCS3 is really made for high-resolution sound. Before going to any technical things, let’s first look at three important frequencies: lows, mids, and highs.

The frequency response of SOny sscs3 speakers is 45Hz to 50,000Hz. As an average audible human frequency range is 20Hz to 20Khz, which means they covered all the frequencies, we can hear.

The highs on Sony SSCS3 are clean and detailed but a little bit bright side but accurate. The addition of 3/4 inches Super tweeters not only improves the immersive sound standing but improved the sound reproduction for high-resolution audio as well.

The mid-range of SSCS3 is okay and accurate, but at some points, the sounds get muffled. As far as a low-end or bass is concerned, these are amazing, especially 45 to 50Hz frequency impresses me the most.

They may sound not superior at songs, but they do a fantastic job in the home theatre system while watching 4k movies or BluRay. Moreover, 5.12 in woofers deliver deep and balanced bass. 

In short, at under the $200 price tag, Sony SSCS3 performs perfectly and delivers high-quality sound. It will be not wrong If I say these perform above then their price.

As said earlier, the bass mount on Sony sscs3 placed at the front, which saves space and gives a clear bass. Another great thing about these speakers is they have only 6-ohm impedance, which is not too hard to drive but having a good power source means better sound, so it’s better to pair them with a good source.


  • These are high performing speakers at a very affordable price.
  • They cover little space, and as the bass mount is placed at the front, you can set them along with the wall.
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Easy to drive
  • Premium build quality 
  • The super tweeter delivers clear crystal highs.
  • The bass is deep and clean as well.
  • These are nearly perfect for a home theatre system for watching 4k action movies and blu ray at this price tag. 


  • Sound needs to be improved in a few music genres.
  • Mid-range is okay and accurate, but As these are 3-way speakers, I think mid-range can be improved more.

4. What Do Buyers Says(Customer Reviews)

If we put the good things aside for a minute and look at the response of people who already buy and use the speaker.

To find user reviews, the best platform is Amazon. So far, the speaker has a 262 rating with 4.7 out of 5.0, which is incredible, means 94% of the people are satisfied with the product.

One more thing Sony SSCS3 speakers listed on Amazon for sale in 2018, and since then, they’re still considered top-ranking speakers, which is a sign of a quality product. Even after years, it’s still useful and performs well.

I recommend you read user reviews here by yourself to find more information and biased opinions.

Sony SSCS3 Competitors

No doubt Sony SSCS3 is an excellent speaker, but if you want to consider more best floor standing speakers in your list, the following best speakers under $300 are recommended.

These are available under $200, all are floor standing, and deliver premium sound.

Polk Audio T50 is the first speaker you can look after, Sony SSCS3. It is also available for under $150 and offers a superior home theatre experience. Like Sony SSCS3, it also features a 1” tweeter, 6.5” driver, and two 6.5” Bass radiators.

They deliver a very natural and clean sound with excellent bass. If you want to save 50 to 60 dollars, then Polk audio t50 is also a great speaker to consider.

If you’re looking for a speaker that delivers more balanced, smooth, and accurate sound across the frequency spectrum with decent bass, then consider Pioneer SP-FS52.

Pioneer is a well-known brand in the speaker industry for producing high-quality speakers and related products at a decent price range. Pioneer SP-FS52 is a floor-standing speaker as well that delivers efficient and accurate sound. They also have very positive responses among users.

If you’re okay with bookshelf speakers as well, then I recommend you take a look at Edifier R1280D and Edifier R1280T.

I hope this biased review will help you to choose the best speaker for you.


Sony did an amazing job, and they produced a premium quality speaker at a very affordable price. The 3-way system delivers quality sound throughout the frequencies. 

If you’re looking for a premium quality speaker at an affordable price, go for Sony SScs3 3 way four-driver tower speaker. The 3-way speakers individually focused on lows, mids, and high frequencies and ensured superior sound quality.

The 5.12-inch woofer also delivers deep and clean bass and allows you to listen to full, rich sound quality. 

At this price range, A and B speakers are great competitors of Sony SSCS3, so you can check them out as well and decide which one suits you more.

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