Why Do My Ears Get Waxy When I Use Headphones?

Many people use earphones or headphones to listen to music and block out distracting noise but many of you might not be aware that they can also cause some issues like waxy buildup in the ears.

Do you ever notice a waxy build-up in your ears after using headphones? If so, you might ask yourself a question.

Why do my ears get waxy when I use headphones? Earwax is a natural substance that the human body creates to help clean and lubricate the outer ear canal. When you use headphones, your ears are sealed off from air circulation, which can cause them to produce more wax than usual. This excess buildup of wax in your ear can lead to uncomfortable symptoms such as itching or hearing loss.

In this blog post, we will discuss how you can easily prevent these issues by using a few simple tricks!

5 Reasons Ears Get Waxy When You Use Headphones?

  • Headphones carry bacteria and dirty particles when we do not clean our earbuds and headphones it results in dark harmful earwax.
  • Dirt particles pass directly into our ear canals, damaging them and damaging them.
  • You can get waxy ears because we use headphones frequently, which can lead to ear canal blockage.
  • Specifically, in-ear headphones are a major cause of the excessive production of earwax.
  • It is possible to damage the outer ear by using hard and cheap headphones that produce wax in the ear canal.

How do you prevent ear wax build-up in headphones?

Earwax building is a natural process that helps to absorb dust particles and keep the ears clean. We can avoid wax build-up by using simple techniques

  • Use headphones or earbuds for a specific short period of time.
  • Frequent headphone users should use bone conduction headphones that lie directly on the listener’s cheekbones.
  • You should clean your headphones on a regular basis so that wax does not build up.
  • High Volume can also make your ears waxy. Try to use headphones on normal or low volume.

Disadvantages of Build Up of Earwax

The build-up of ear wax is a natural process but it also has disadvantages which are as follows:

Hearing loss

Loud music can cause inner ear damage because the human ear can bear sound up to some extent.

Bleeding in the ear

Severe sound can cause bleeding in the ear. Sometimes earbuds are very hard and can also cause bleeding.

Ringing in the ear

Tinnitus is a certain type of disease that occurs due to the build-up of earwax and causes ringing sounds in the ear.


When we build earwax in our ears, we do not feel comfortable and sometimes we get irritated with others.

Pain in the ear

The pressure from headphones can cause pain in the outer region of the ear, and if the pain increases, it can also damage the inner part.

How do you clean ear wax out of headphones?

If your ears are deeply filled with earwax then it will also make your in-ear headphones waxy. This will result in a decrease in the volume of your headphones. You should follow the following steps to clean your waxy headphones:

  • You can use Q-tips cotton swabs or toothpicks to clean your headphones.
  • Put some alcohol on the cotton swab and clean your headphones.
  • You can use a toothpick to clean every hole of your headphone individually.
  • After cleaning wait for the headphones to dry before wearing them. which will take a few minutes.

Which type of headphones design is more appropriate for waxy ears

There are a lot of headphones in the market that are beneficial for human ears and that provide placidity to the ears. But in contrast to this discussion, there are also certain companies that compromise with their brand quality. Specifically, in-ear headphones are harmful and cause damage to the ears. To come up with this issue you should use bone-conduction headphones that provide rest to your cheekbones and these headphones are also good for waxy ears.

AfterShokz Aeropex

There are several open-ear headphones that have been found to reduce earwax buildup. With these low-volume, high-quality on-ear bone conduction headphones, you won’t have to worry about hearing damage. The lightweight 26-gram design and dual built-in noise cancellation mics make it a high-quality option.

Despite its 6-hour battery life, this Bluetooth wireless headphone boasts the best Bluetooth technology. Its premium design and special sport belt provide extra comfort. Moisture detection alarms ensure the battery is always charged safely. These are quick to use and they have a multifunction button that makes them easier to use.


  • Waterproof
  • Supports sport belt
  • Open Ear Experience
  • Good Battery


  • Expensive


Do headphones cause earwax buildup?

Yes, they do. This is because the earphone tips are inserted into your ears and there’s no air circulation, so this area starts to sweat. The moisture combined with the oils from your skin irritates your eardrum and causes a buildup of earwax.

Do headphones increase ear wax production?

Ear wax increases due to blockage of ears. Using headphones for a long time causes ear wax production. It’s a natural process that wax accumulates in the ear to prevent the ear from dirt particles. Therefore, headphones are also one of the main reasons for wax production.

How do I stop My headphones from getting waxy?

Our ears contain natural wax, when we use headphones some of the wax gets attached to our headphones. You should clean your ears before using headphones so that they may not stick with our headphones.


Anyone who uses headphones has probably had earwax build-up. It can be uncomfortable when it gets inside headphones or ear pods.

When you wear headphones, earwax reduces your hearing ability. Continuously wearing headphones can block the ear canal and airflow. While using headphones, darkened ear wax creates an unpleasant waxy appearance. Earwax buildup is a natural process that keeps your ears clean by absorbing dust particles that might otherwise cause ear blockage. To avoid any kind of damage, it is best to use bone conduction headphones.

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