5 Best Headphones For Smule in 2023 (Ultimate Guide)

Looking for the best headphones for Smule and the ways to get better sound? Look no further, this guide will help you to sort things out. Throughout this guide, I’ll go over some of the best headphones for Smule and share some tips to help you choose one so you can get the best sound.

For those of you who don’t know what Smule is, it’s a singing app that allows you to record their vocals. Smule is relatively easy to use, however, there is always room to improve your sound and one way to do that is by using good-quality headphones.

That being said, let’s explore the 5 best headphones for Smule 2023 and which factors should be considered to make a good purchase.

#Best Headphones For SmulePrice
1Bose SoundSport Check Price
2Beats Ep Check Price
3Soundcore Anker Life Q20 Check Price
4Cowin SE7 Check Price
5New Bee H362 Check Price

5 Best Headphones For Smule in 2023

1. Bose SoundSport

The very first and the best headphones overall for Smule I recommend to you is Bose SoundSport.

Bose SoundSport review

It is an in-ear headphone from the Bose brand, one of the best and most reliable brands in the headphone industry.

The Bose SoundSport headphone features top-quality sound, an excellent microphone, and StayHear + sport tips make them one of the most comfortable in-ear headphones.

Speaking of the design and build quality, the Bose SoundSport is specifically designed for sports and workouts. Thanks to winged tips with StayHear that keep them in ears even during the workouts and running. Moreover, after wearing for hours and hours using the Smule, you won’t feel any discomfort.

However, these are bulky and noticeable from a distance but overall lightweight and extremely comfortable.

These are available in four different colors, including Aqua, Black, Citron, and Power Red. Another excellent feature of the headphone is they are sweatproof and weatherproof that allows you to sing or listen to music in any environment.

In terms of comfort, three different sizes of soft and comfortable ear tips allow you to try and wear one that fits well. Moreover, earbuds design and StayHear keep them in the ears. It also comes with a carrying case that increases safety and makes it easier for you to carry around.

The good thing about Bose SoundSport is it offers a Bluetooth connection and a microphone placed on the wire, which is right in front of your mouth, which means you can record songs and make calls with more crisp, clear, and better audio. 

Through the in-line microphone, you can make, reject calls and control the music by pressing the button that allows you to control everything without touching the device.

With a single charge, you can use them for up to 6 hours, which is not too great and not too low as well. It depends on how long you’re going to use them for Smule or other purposes.

Speaking of the sound quality, these sound way better than most in-ear headphones available at this price range, especially for listening to music on Smule. They offer a loud and detailed sound. 

The only drawback and I don’t recommend it for the loud environment.

The ear tips provide decent noise isolation, but they didn’t feature active noise cancellation, which means they work perfectly fine in indoor use and quiet environments. But in a louder environment, these will not block the noises completely.

Besides that, Bose SoundSports are the best headphones for Smule available on Amazon with Over 57,969 ratings (4.6 of 5.0-star rating), and it only costs around $100. 


  • Extremely comfortable and lightweight
  • Fits well 
  • Impressive sound quality
  • Quality mic
  • 6+ hours battery life
  • Sweat and waterproof


  • Looks bulky compared to other in-ear headphones
  • Not ideal for a loud environment

2. Beats Ep

If you’re looking for affordable wired on-ear headphones with impressive sound quality and quality mic, then check out Beats Ep.

Beats Ep review

The Beats EP is a great value for money. It is great for listening to music, making calls, recording audios, and its lightweight design reinforced with stainless steel and adjustable vertical sliders make them durable and allows you to set them where you feel better comfortable.

Let’s take a look at its physical features.

Beats EP looks nice and stylish with minimal branding and gives a good first impression once you bring them out of the box. Headband and ear cups are plasticky and wrapped in rubber padding. I’m not a fan of rubberized padding, but this feels nice and offers a decent amount of comfort.

The headphone features an adjustable vertical slider for a headband, which allows you to adjust the headband where you feel a good fit. After wearing it for 2 to 3 hours feels little pressure on the head and ears, and it’s expected because of On-Ear design.

The only drawback I noticed is not having a detachable cable, and the cable also looks cheap, which means if you broke the cable, you need to get a new headphone.

So you have to take extra care of the cable.

Speaking of mic, it’s integrated into a module with three buttons for making calls, pausing/playing music, skip the music, etc. The control buttons are well spaced and easy to click.

As far as sound quality is concerned, Beats EP’s are not the perfect sounding headphone, but these are the best under $100. The bass is solid, and the good thing is bass doesn’t overwhelm mids or highs. Furthermore, treble and clarity are detailed and improved. 

Overall, Beats EP has a nice design, average build quality, but the sound is impressive, and if you’re looking for a good deal under $100, then you should check it out.


  • Nice design
  • Comfortable
  • Mic
  • Impressive sound quality
  • Low price


  • The cable is not removable
  • Average build quality

3. Soundcore Anker Life Q20

If you’re looking for the best noise-canceling headphones for Smule, then check out Soundcore Anker Life Q20

The Soundcore Anker Life Q20 is the most advanced headphones at under $50. It features advanced noise-canceling technology, Bluetooth 5.0, and a built-In CVC 6.0 Microphone, rare to see even in top-quality headphones.

Let’s take a look at its features and what you’ll get in the box.

Anker Life Q20 is made by the Soundcore brand and comes with an around-ear design. It is perfect for home and outdoor use because it is foldable and comes with a travel pouch. In the box, you’ll also get a user guide, micro USB charging cable, and audio cable.

In terms of comfort, at under $50, these offer excellent comfort. After wearing it for more than 5 hours, I didn’t notice any discomfort, which means wearing the headphone and browsing the Smule app for hours will not cause any problem.

The earcups circumaural design with soft padding keeps the pressure away from the ears and ensures excellent comfort for an extended time.

Speaking of blocking the outside noise, Anker Life Q20 makes it possible for Singer to record the music and listen to music even in a louder environment. By pressing the button, active noise cancellation turns On and blocks the ambient noises.

Furthermore, the over-ear closed design provides a decent amount of noise isolation, and without turning the active noise canceling On, it still blocks a great number of noises. The advantage of blocking the loud noises is you can sing and listen to music at a low volume, which keeps your hearing safe, and for longer periods, you can wear headphones.

Another amazing feature under $50 you’ll get is 30 hours of battery life playing music. The exceptional battery life beats even high-quality headphones.

It also features Bluetooth 5.0, which provides a more reliable and long-range connection without lagging problems.

As far as sound quality is concerned, a 40mm large-aperture driver unit delivers Hi-Fi stereo sound. The sound is rich, detailed, and contains extraordinary clarity. Overall these are designed to provide amazing sound.

Lastly, Soundcore Anker Life Q20 has a star rating of 4.5 out of 5.0, which is incredible. Honestly, getting as many advanced features by investing only $40 is a real deal and worth trying.


  • Comfortable
  • 30 hours of battery life
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Impressive noise-cancellation
  • Very affordable
  • Quality microphone


  • At this price, there is nothing to complain

4. Cowin SE7

If you’re looking for go-to noise cancellation headphones under $100, then probably Cowin SE7 is for you. 

COWIN SE7 review

Cowin SE7 contains quite similar features to the Soundcore Anker Life Q20 but offers better comfort, sound quality, noise-cancellation, and more. 

The one thing that stands out the most for Smule is that SE7 features an advanced microphone system that provides clear audio in calls and recording even in louder and noisy environments. 

It also features advanced noise cancellation technology that blocks out the noises very well and focuses more on the music. Furthermore, the over-ear design with a closed-back design provides a decent amount of noise isolation as well. Another great thing about the headset is ANC works with both and without cable.

Speaking of cable and battery life, the battery remains for up to 30hours with playing music on a single charge. In case the battery is dead, you can connect the audio cable with a 3.5mm jack and charge the headphone with a micro USB.

The headphone design looks and feels premium like high-end headphones and available in five different colors. 

As far as comfort quality is concerned, ear cups are wrapped in premium protein memory foam leather, which is soft and ensures excellent comfort for extended periods.

Furthermore, the protein earpads seal the space around the ear very well, which provides a more immersive sound experience. The headband also features pillow-like softness. It also has a foldable design, which makes them travel-friendly.

Lastly, the sound quality, Cowin SE7 sounds amazing. They delivered deep, clear, and detailed music. Even if you’re not an audiophile, you’ll notice the richness and deepness in the sound. Furthermore, the sound quality is very balanced. Nothing overwhelming or too harsh; everything is wonderful. Honestly, at $100, I’m delighted with the sound quality and other features.


  • Comfortable and durable 
  • 30+ hours of battery life
  • High-quality microphone 
  • Impressive active noise cancellation


  • Sound output when the NC is on

5. New Bee H362 USB Headset

When we talk about Smule’s best headphones, then New Bee should be included because of its design, which is most suitable for recording crystal clear songs and audios.

New Bee H362

New Bee H362 has a Crystal Clear Chat Headset that features a Built-in unidirectional microphone. The microphone is adjustable, and it picks your voice very well and presents it loud and clear.

Furthermore, the mic also has noise-canceling technology that removes all the ambient noise and only picks your voice. Using the mic for recording songs for Smule or other apps you can use for recording online courses, skype chat, call centers, and more.

You can control the mic (mute/unmute) through the remote control placed on the cord. Speaking of cable comes in two parts, one attached with the headphone and terminates at a 3.5mm jack and the second with remote control and USB plug. For mobile or devices with a 3.5mm plug, you can use a 3.5mm jack, and for computers or devices with USB ports, you can use the USB jack cable.

As far as comfort is concerned, these are comfortable for extended periods. Both headband and ear cups have memory foam padding wrapped with protein leather, which is skin-friendly and ensures excellent comfort. However, the earcups stay on the ears, and for a better sound experience, remove after 1 to 2 hours and relax ears for a while.

I want to point out that these do not feature active noise cancellation, which means these are not ideal for a louder environment. Furthermore, the on-ear design doesn’t offer as good sound isolation as well. So if you want to use them indoors or not in a noisy environment, they are definitely one of the best and most affordable headsets.

Lastly, their sound performance is amazing versus the price. High precision 40mm drivers provide enhanced audio performance for music, games, and calls. The headphones provide crystal, clear, and balanced sound quality. 

New Bee H362 is also very popular with buyers. More than 3,295 people already rate with 4.3 out of 5.0 stars. 


  • High-quality noise-canceling microphone
  • Extended Wear Comfort
  • Solid build quality
  • Multi-Purpose & Wide Compatibility
  • Good audio quality
  • Very affordable(cost only under $25)


  • Not really

Buying guide: Things to look at in a HEADPHONE for SMULE

Since there are varieties of things that need to be considered for choosing a certain type of headphone, similarly, Smule headphones need to be one that fulfills your needs, and that’s why by considering the required things in a Smule headphone, you can find the best model at an affordable price.


Do not underestimate the comfort by thinking you’ll not gonna use it for longer periods of time. Believe me, once you’ll open the Smule app and explore the music, you’ll not gonna notice how much time you spend. So comfort is one of the most important things you should consider while choosing headphones for Smule.

To indicate whether the headset can provide comfort or not, check out the padding on ear cups and headband. Furthermore, choose headphones with adjustable and replaceable parts so you can adjust and replace the required parts in the future. 

On the other hand, if you choose an earphone/earbuds, make sure it comes with comfortable and different sizes of ear tips so you can choose one that fits well.

Lastly, whether you choose an earphone or headphones, it fits well on the head or in the ears. Neither it slips from the head or ears, nor it’s too tight that hurts the skin.

Sound Quality

As you know, Smule is a music app, and being a musician or music lover, you probably know about sound. Chances are you can distinguish between bad and good sound. Instead of choosing a low-quality or a normal headphone available in markets, you choose a better one with advanced hardware and features.

The headphone you choose can provide a clear and detailed sound quality with nice and balanced lows, mids, and highs.

If you prefer bassy headphones, make sure the extra bass does not overpower vocals and other frequencies. Whether you choose earbuds or headphones for a Smule, it should allow you to keep the beats on track and prevent you from going off-tune.

Along with sound quality, the headphone also features noise isolation and cancellation. While recording the music, it is very important to prevent ambient noises from interfering. So if you choose headphones, closed-back over-ear design headphones are more recommended because they’re better at providing a decent amount of noise isolation.

You may think getting good sound quality with noise cancellation will be expensive. However, there are still some excellent-sounding headphones with noise cancellation technology available, and I listed them here as well.

Microphone Quality

Recording quality audio is as important as listening to quality sound, and it’s the most difficult attribute to find. Although the headphone you choose can record clear audios and also they should be reliable. Because on a Smule, you’ll record the music for longer periods, making the microphone an essential part of the headphone.

These are the three most important things I consider while choosing the list of best headphones for Smule, and I recommend you as well to consider and find an appropriate headset. Otherwise, you’ll waste your money and time.

Do Bluetooth Headphones Are Good For Smule?

You can use Smule with Bluetooth headphones. The only concern with Bluetooth headphones is the microphone, which has a bad placement, so you should get a headphone with boom mic. If you plan to buy Bluetooth headphones for a Smule, make sure it features a removable and adjustable boom mic.


So far, we cover the best headphones for Smule so you can record better music/vocals, things to consider when buying headphones for Smule.

I listed quality headphones at affordable prices so that those who are on a tight budget could record quality music as well.

Also, if you can afford it, invest in $150, $200, or even more expensive headphones as they offer more advanced features, better build quality, and better audio quality.