Edifier R1280T vs R1280DB: A Detailed Comparison

Edifier is a well-known audio firm that produces high-quality speakers and related audio gears.

The Edifier R1280T and R1280DB are among the company’s best-selling bookshelf speakers. Both models have top-notch audio quality and excellent features, making them worth purchasing.

However what if you have to choose one as there are no clear differences mentioned. But no need to in this guide you’ll find out.

So without further ado, let’s start and find out how much “T” & “DB” make a difference.

R1280t and R1280DB speakers differ primarily in their connectivity and remote control designs. With R1280db you have Bluetooth, two RCA outputs, and two additional outputs, optical and coaxial. The r1280t, on the other hand, offers only two RCA inputs.

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Edifier R1280t VS Edifier R1280db: [Comparison]


1. Design and Build

The appearances of both speakers are very similar; you won’t notice much of a difference. They both look and feel similar.

Edifier R1280DB VS Edifier R1280T

Blackwood gives both speakers a classic look. They can be placed almost anywhere thanks to their size. They can be adjusted to your computer desk, shelf, or anywhere; they are suitable for any environment.

While comparing the sides, the top, front, and bottom sides are pretty the same. The front side of both speakers has a removable plastic cover made of a sort of fabric material, with an Edifier logo on the button and a horizontal silver line in the middle.

You can see the bass unit and tweeter once you remove the cover.

edifier r1280t and r1280db

Both speakers feature wooden fishing textures on their sides that give them a very decent appearance. Both speakers have EQ controls on their sides, and both are placed on a powered/active speaker.

There are three notch controls on the panel: volume, bass, and treble. There are also two LED lights on the panel: red and blue. Red for the optical and coaxial, blue for Bluetooth, and green for lines 1 and line 2.

On the speaker’s backside, they have L speakers out, DRC inputs for line 1 and line 2, optical and coaxial input, a power on/off button, and a cable for an outlet.

The other side also has the same design except for the back, which has only the speaker out. One last thing about the design and build quality is the front grey porting is removable. Once you remove the cover bass unit and tweeter will be visible.

In general, you won’t notice a difference in the design. The Edifier R1280t is available in two colors: Black and Wood Grain.

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2. Remote

The Edifier R1280DB has 12 buttons, as opposed to the R1280t, which has only three.
r1280db vs r1280t remotes

3. Size Difference

The design and build quality of the speakers are similar, and if we compare the dimensions of the two, there is no difference in the length, depth, and height as well.

In each dimension, both speakers are equal. Dimensions of R1280db are 5.75(W) x 9.5(H) x 7(D) inches, and those of R1280e are 5.75(W) x 9.5(H) x 7(D) inches.

3. Connection Types

When it comes to connectivity, you’ll find that one speaker is Bluetooth and the other is not. The Edifier 1280db has Bluetooth, and the 1280t does not and that is the major difference between the two speakers.

R1280t has RCA inputs only, while the R1280db has RCA inputs, optical input, coax input, and Bluetooth.

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4. Sound Comparision

Due to the similarity of the other features of both speakers, there is not much difference in sound quality. Both speaker pairs sound fantastic and are very affordable.

There is decent bass and clear treble on both, and the EQ panel allows you to adjust both. R1280T, however, seems to be more clear at high frequencies. Both feature a 4-inch bass and 13mm silk dome tweeter. However, their frequency response seemed different.

R1280db has a frequency response of 55Hz-20KHz, and R1280t has a frequency response of 75Hz-18KHz. They both produce reasonably clear and decent sound.


So it’s time for the final decision, although the above story tells everything. Regarding design and sound quality, there is not much difference between both speakers.

It’s the connection game so if you prefer optical input, coax input, and Bluetooth, then goes for the Edifier r1280db with spending an extra $30 to $40, but if you’re okay with 2RCA input connection and Bluetooth is not concerned, Edifier  R1280T is an excellent option as well.

So it’s your personal preference, but both are excellent pairs of speakers.