Samson SR850 VS AKG K240 – Which One to Buy?

So you are tight on budget and looking for a quality headphone you can use to mix and master music? Check out the two affordable options Samson SR850 vs AKG K240.

If you visit the market to purchase an affordable headphone, Samson SR850 and AKG K240 must be on your list. Both these headphones are leading the market with their killing looks and features.

But the main question that arises is Samson SR850 vs AKG K240 – Which one to choose?

Both you compare both these headphones to find the winner, scroll the article to check the specifications and features of both headphones.

Samson SR850


1. Comfortable In Use

Suppose you have to work on a song and will need to wear the headphone continuously for hours. Will the earcups of the headphones provide you comfort for continuous use of hours? With Samson SR850, you can rest assured about the convenience.

The earcups of the headphones are lightweight velour earpads. This lightweight material prevents sweat formation and keeps the ear cool for a comfortable feel.

Along with that, the dispersion plate underneath the earpads also makes sure no heat is supplied to the ears.

2. Studio-Sound Quality

Do you know what the most out-ranking feature of Samson SR850 headphones is? It’s the high-end air balancing. No matter how loud the distraction is, the sound quality of the headphone will be crystal clear.

The design of the headphones is for studio use. The pack earcups prevent the outside sound from entering the ear.

Due to this reason, Samson SR850 is widely used in studios for mixing and mastering sound. The punchy and deep sound feels super attractive while listening.

3. Looks and Design

As a buyer, the very first thing that attracts is none other than the looks and design of the product. We have reviewed the Samson SR850 deeply, and we are highly impressed with the design and looks of the product.

The ultra-light over-ear headphones are designed with a self-adjusting headband.

The best part about this headband is it doesn’t stress the head.

You can tighten the headband if you want. All these features together give a comfortable sensation for continuous use.

4. Semi-Open Feature

If you are listening to this term for the first time, then you must be like, now what is this? The semi-open feature is the design of the headphones that allows the air to pass through the headphone chamber.

This semi-open advantage not only helps in keeping the headphone cool but also helps in producing bassy and punchy sound. Podcasters, music directors, and audio editors love to use Samson SR850 headphones due to the highest quality listening experience.


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Comfortable and adjustable headband
  • Semi-open advantage
  • Lightweight velour earpads
  • Pretty affordable option
  • Durable quality


  • Poor noise isolation
  • No microphone
  • No water resistance
  • No sound control

Should You Buy Samson SR850 Headphones?

Whenever you are investing in a product, the first thing that you ask yourself is, hey, are you sure it is worth buying this product? Let us tell you the solid reasons that you should buy the Samson SR850 headphones.

First, if you are tight on budget and buying a high-quality headphone on a low budget seems impossible to you, then nothing can be a better option than Samson SR850. Under the price tag of $100, a Samson SR850 headphone is worth buying.

Secondly, the sound quality, material, and design, everything about this headphone are perfect. The bassy and punchy sound quality is ideal for mixing and mastering sound. The lightweight earpads provide comfort in use for continuous use of hours.

And the cherry on the top is the semi-open advantage of this headphone increases its sound quality and comfort of the user. Do have Samson SR850 headphones to enjoy a punchy sound performance.

AKG K240 Headphones


1. Design & Looks

To make sure that every sound signal is safe from outside distortion, the design of the headphone is over-ear with a whole plastic body. Don’t worry about what if the headphone falls and the plastic body cracks? The plastic body is high in quality for reliability and durability in performance.

The over-ear design of the headset is also pretty comfortable in use. The cushions around the earcups are of leather material. Do you know what the best part about this leather material is? It prevents the ear from sweating.

2. Sound Quality

So, are you ready to amaze yourself with the classy and punchy sound quality of the AKG K240 headphones? As a music maker or a podcaster, all you need is headphones that produce sound as clear as crystal. And with AKG K240 headphones, you have this quality.

The frequency range of AKG K240 headphones is 100Hz-1.2 kHz. This frequency range is perfect to produce a dynamic sound.

The best experience of AKG K240 headphones is when you play a piece of classical music. The bassy sound alters the notes of the music and makes it more soothing for the ears.

3. Comfortable In Use

As a podcaster and music producer, it is your job to wear a headset continuously for hours to produce attractive and appealing music. Have you ever wonder how video gamers wear the damn headset for 5-6 hours continuously without taking any break? That’s because of the comfort quality of the headset.

AKG K240, no doubt, is pretty comfortable to use. Even when we were reviewing the quality of the headset, the comfortableness of the headset truly amazed us.

The headband is pretty adjustable. Along with that, the semi-open design allows the airflow for better sound quality and prevents sweat production.

4. Portability & Stability

Hey, do you know what the weight of AKG K240 headphones is? It is only 0.53 lbs. Due to its lightweight, AKG K240 is one of the lightweight headsets available in the market. You can effortlessly carry the headphone along, either traveling by bus or train.

In terms of stability, the headband of the AKG K240 is pretty stable. In fact, you don’t even need to adjust the headband. But still, if you feel like modifying it, you can because the headband is pretty setting.

Should You Buy AKG K240 Headphones?

Being a podcaster and music maker, you need to have AKG K240 professional lightweight headphones. This highly portable and high-quality headphone will make your music listening, producing, and editing experience better than ever.

Another heart-winning fact about the AKG K240 is its price. This headphone is a relief for many tight-budget users out there.

You can effortlessly mix and master your music using an AKG K240 headset without the fear of un-comfortableness. From the cushion to the air pad to the headband, everything is pretty comfortable.

How can we forget to mention the stability of the headband? To relieve stress and provide relaxation, the headband of AKG K240 is adjustable.

Samson SR850 vs. AKG K240- Which One is better?

Before we give out final opinion, scroll down to check the comparison chart.

Samson SR850 vs. AKG K240? AKG K240 out-ranks the Samson SR850 with its punchy and bassy sound performance. But in terms of stability and comfort, Samson SR850 is way better than AKG K240 headphones.


While buying a product, you should prefer your taste as your priority. No doubt, both these headphones are must to have.

Now you have two choices; if you prefer comfort over everything, consider buying Samson SR850 headphones. But if sound quality means everything to you, then AKG K240 headphone is what you need.

The price of both headphones is under $100, which is something astonishing. Do enjoy listening to and mastering music with AKG K240 and Samson SR850 headphones.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Samson SR850 suitable for mixing?

The response rate of Samson SR850 is pretty flat, so yes, it is great for mixing music. The semi-open advantage of the headphone helps in maintaining the performance rate hence, enjoyable music production.

What is the Ohm rating of Samson SR850 headphones?

The Ohms rating of Samson SR850 is 32 Ohms. For music mixing purposes, 32 impedance is the least you should consider. Because the lowest you go, the poor will the quality.

Is AKG K240 suitable for mixing?

Of course, the semi-open advantage of the AKF K240 headphone gives a power pack performance rate for mixing and mastering music.

Is AKG K240 good for listening to music?

A big yes! Either it is music listening or producing, AKG K240 is one of the best and most affordable options you can choose. From impedance rating to comfortable style, everything about this headphone is perfect.

Is it worth buying Samson SR850 headphones?

Samson SR850 is one of the most affordable options you can ever choose for music listening and mixing. Under the price tag of $100, Samson SR850 is a worth buying product.

Is it worth buying AKG K240 headphones?

Rest assured, AKG K240 is a worth buying product. You will enjoy the performance rate of the headphone while listening to and mixing music.