Mackie thump 15A vs Alto TS315 (Who Is The Winner?)

The ride of upgrading your audio-stereo family has never been that easy! The craze for high-end sound quality won’t calm down till you get the best- Mackie Thump 15A and Alto TS315S make some of the best stereo speakers.

These two speakers are designed to power up large gatherings with their ultra-efficient sound performance. Both speakers are great-sounding, affordable, and built to last.

Mackie Thump 15 A vs. Alto TS315S both guarantee high-end performance and have 5-star ratings, but which one is right for you? No matter how similar both sound, some features discriminate against their performance rate.

Here, we are comparing Mackie Thump 15 A with Alto TS315S to figure out which one is the best for you.

Mackie Thump 15A vs. Alto TS315 – Which One is Better?

Let’s compare the features and specifications of both speakers side by side which will help to choose the better one.

1. Sound quality

High sound quality is the reason we all invest in costly speakers. Better be the sound quality, higher be the performance, as a general rule.

Alto TS315 has a 15-inches 2000W active subwoofer with Class D amplifiers that deliver a rich audio response. On the other hand, Mackie Thump 15A has a 1300 watts ultra-effective amplifier with an active subwoofer for class-leading performance.

Mackie Thump 15A also features a 15 inches subwoofer- the wide-Z technology takes the performance to the next level.

Better Sound Quality: Sound quality of both speakers is almost the same, yet on observing keenly, Mackie Thump 15A does a better job here.

2. Compatibility & Connectivity

How compatible a speaker is a matter in addition to rich sound quality. You might want to connect your speaker with an external amplifier to double up or lower the impedance rate; that is where compatibility matters.

Alto TS315 features XLP outputs with six different DSP output models. This wide range of compatibility allows you to go beyond the boundary.

While the Mackie Thump 15A also features XLP output or a ¼ inch output: You can connect your mixer or a microphone with this output unit.

Better Compatible: Alto TS315 is more compatible than the Mackie Thump 15A. All thanks to the six different DSP output models.

3. In-built quality

In-built quality is a factor that either can make your investment worth it or ruin it in seconds. Both speakers are robust in quality by looks.

The in-built body material of Alto TS315 is high-quality corrosion-free metal. At the front, it features a vented net for airflow and proper sound delivery.

Mackie Thump 15A, like Alto TS315, also features a high-quality corrosion-free and waterproof metallic body.

Better Quality: Both Alto TS315 and Mackie Thump 15A speakers are best in their shoes.

4. Bass response

We all love it when the bass response delivers that chest-thumping experience- it seems like every beat is hitting the point.

Mackie Thump 15A has Dynamic Bass response technology, perfect for shaking bones and pounding your heartbeat. The speaker uses the high voltage power supply for incredibly fast response- even at low levels, the bass response is efficient to shake your bones.

Alto TS315 also features the Dynamic bass response technology to give you goosebumps down to your spine. The 15 inches subwoofer can extend the bass response to full range, not dropping any signal.

Bass Response: Both Alto TS315S and Mackie Thump 15A are best.

5. Portability

Suppose you are throwing a reunion pool party at your home- how will you manage to move the speaker from your room to the backyard? That is where portability matters.

The overall weight of the Alto TS315S is 78.2 pounds with a dimension of 21.36 x 24.72 x 20.64 inches. The size is satisfactory, but the weight is pretty much.

On the other hand, Mackie Thump 15A weighs 19.8 pounds only with a dimension of 14 x 17.4 x 27 inches. Despite the size, Mackie Thump 15A is perfect to fit in any room.

Portable: Mackie Thump 15A is more portable than Alto TS315S.

6. Mounting type

Where you mount the speaker per its demand also affects the performance. Some are wall-mounted speakers, some are ceiling-mounted, while some are floor mounting. The height affected speakers necessitate proper mounting.

Alto TS315S is designed as a compact box. Whether you mount it on the floor or locate it on a shelf, it is up to you. Contrary to it, Mackie Thump 15A is a stand-mount speaker.

You necessitate a tripod to mount the speaker. Without this, the sound quality will be poor.

Better Mounting: Alto TS315S is better in terms of mounting as you do not need any mounting stand.

7. Price Point

The price point is the last considering and distinguishing factor while comparing Mackie Thump 15 A vs. Alto TS315S.

Alto TS315 2000 watts 15-inches powered subwoofer costs around $649 (per the latest upgraded pricing), while the Mackie Thump 15A costs around $399.

Price Point: Mackie Thump 15A is the winner.

Mackie Thump 15 A vs. Alto TS315S – Final Verdict

We knew this was going to be close while putting the two best stereo speakers head to head, but this close, we had no idea.

Mackie Thump 15A wins over better sound quality, portability, and price. While the Alto TS315S wins for better compatibility and mounting. For in-built quality and bass response, both are the same.

Mackie Thump 15A is better than Alto TS315S as it sounds richer, deeper, and built to last long. Alto TS315S is also best in its shoes but drops some performance when compared to Mackie Thump 15A.


Is Alto speaker a good brand?

Over time, the Alto speakers brand has evolved, making it one of the best professional stereo speaker brands. The price range they offer with the quality is simply astounding.

Are Mackie-powered speakers good?

Mackie-powered speakers are well-known for deep bass response, rich sound quality, and high-end in-built quality. Within a limited budget range, you can have a high-quality stereo speaker.


A new edition to the audio family always matters; your choice defines how high-quality sound performance you will get. Speaking honestly, both stereo speakers are best in their shoes. Yet, Mackie thump 15A does a little better job than Alto TS315S.

Nevertheless, your choice can be different. This comparison is not the ultimate decision- if you feel the Alto TS315S is better, go with it. Lastly, share your feedback on your stereo experience with Mackie Thump 15A or the Alto TS315S.