Are AirPods Good for Mowing?

Keeping your hearing protected is essential when you mow the lawn. We should wear hearing protectors or headphones when using a mower because the noise is loud enough to damage our hearing. Some people, however, use AirPods while mowing the lawn. This attracts many people, who then ask different questions such as, “Are AirPods good for mowing?”? Can you use AirPods while mowing the lawn?

Yes, an Airpods works really well. Airpods are great for mowing for a number of reasons. The first thing they have going for them is convenience, ease of use, and reliability. The second active noise cancellation feature blocks outside sound quite well, but not completely. And lastly, these bad boys sound fantastic. These are a few of the reasons that make the AirPods good and allow you to use them for mowing.

In this article, I’ll go a bit deeper, analyze the sound level generated from mowers as well as the decibel level at which AirPods can block outside noise. Also, I will compare the other options and see if $200 is worth it.

Is it safe to wear AirPods while mowing?

Having a device is good not enough it should also safe to use. While mowing the lawn, your ears are not only subjected to the mower’s noise but also to the sound coming out from the AirPods. This two-way high-intense sound can have a massive impact on your ear’s health.

As far as wearing AirPods while mowing is concerned, is it safe? Despite Airpods’ 23db rating, they cannot block the entire sound of lawnmowers. Increasing the mower’s volume to its full level will surely not be safe or appropriate. If you need to reduce the dB significantly, I would recommend wearing ear defenders along with Airpods.

So if the volume of the mower is still too loud, wear the AirPods and then put a pair of cheap ear defenders on top, and you’re done!

As a result, you can wear Airpods safely, block the loud noise, and enjoy the work as well as your favorite music without having to turn up the volume.

How good is noise canceling on AirPods?

Besides how ergonomic and high-quality the AirPods are, another feature that made them the talk of the town is the noise-cancelation technology.

AirPods’ active noise-cancellation technology can cut down city-center traffic noise and deliver a murmuring sound in return. It also can cut down high-pitch noises to a soft low-pitch sound.

The noise-cancelation of the AirPods is efficient but not as much as high-end stereo headphones. It works magically to keep you entertained despite what’s going on in the background.

Apple AirPods pro is somehow compatible against the lawn mower’s noise production but not with the gun shooting. If you use the AirPods while shooting, you will surely damage your eardrums.

Should you wear ear protection while mowing?

Whether you are an occasional gardener or a regular one, ear protections are vital for you while mowing. You need to understand that the machine not only can cause you physical damage; but also mental.

Instead of trying to be a superhero, it is advised to wear proper ear protection while mowing the lawn. The high-pitch sound can penetrate your eardrum and cause long-term ear injuries. After all, health matters!

A lawnmower produces a sound intensity of around 80-90 decibels. The sound extremity of this level is harmful to humans’ ears. Also, what mower you use matters. An electric lawn mower produces up to 80 decibels, while a gas lawn mower produces even higher.

Despite knowing how high and damaging the mower’s noise is, gardeners still avoid wearing ear protection. Here are some reasons you should wear ear protection while mowing the lawn.

To keep ear’s health upright

Human ears can bear high-pitch noises to a certain decibel (unit to calculate sound intensity) range. The louder the noise gets, the more damage your ears will get. Long-term use is even more dangerous. Use ear protection to avoid hearing damages.

To keep the body’s balance upright

The body’s balance and ear have a direct connection; little did you know. The fluid inside the ear disturbs you when listening to sounds higher than 70 decibels. The sensory hairs like organs signal your brain to spin around. Avoid mowing the lawn with unprotected ears.

For a comfortable mowing ride

Who wants to work in a high-pitch environment closing eyes getting annoyed because of the noise? Do you? Wear ear protection and enjoy mowing the lawn as long as you want. Being cut from the background noise will aid you in focusing on the work.

AirPods vs. lawnmower ear protection headphones: Which is better?

This debate has been a hot topic among gardeners. Some prefer using the AirPods, while others consider lawn mower ear protections. Which one do you think is better?

Lawnmower ear protections are better than the AirPods in terms of blocking outside noises. AirPods can cancel noise up to 30 decibels maximum, while the lawnmower ear protection can go beyond 90 decibels without causing hearing damage.

Lawnmower ear protections keep the ear protected to prevent the noise from entering the ear. Moreover, if you have to choose between ear protectors and Airpods identify your needs/requirements.

When your purpose is to get a device just to block outside noises generated from the mower, it is best to get an ear protector such as the 3M WorkTunes ear protector, but in general, AirPods are an excellent option that has active noise canceling, easy to use, comfortable, and better sound quality.


Do AirPods Pro wholly cancel noise?

AirPods Pro has two modes; Noise-cancellation and Transparency mode. The noise-cancellation mode can cancel city-center noises giving a murmuring sound in return.

Should you wear headphones while mowing the lawn?

Ear protection is a must while mowing the lawn. Here, the mower you use also determines the need for ear protection. Avoid using AirPods or headphones while mowing the lawn. If using, I would suggest you on airpod use an ear protector/defender.

Does noise-canceling protect hearing?

Yes, it does. Noise-canceling headsets also protect your ear from hearing damage. Yet, it depends on what intensity of sound you are surrounded by.


Protecting yourself begins with the right lawn mowing equipment. Long-term exposure to loud noise can damage the ear. If you’re wondering, are airpods good for mowing the lawn.

The answer is yes. You can reduce outside noise significantly with an airpod, but if you want to listen to the music quietly and terminate outside noise completely, wear an ear protector on top of the airpods. With even cheap ear defenders you will find significant differences.