The best headsets for speech recognition in 2022 (A Detailed Review)

If you are looking for the best headsets for speech recognition, you have come to the right place. In this blog post, I will discuss the top headsets on the market and why they are so great for speech recognition.
In this article, we have summed up the six best headsets for speech recognition. These headsets are built to last long, deliver crystal-clear audio sound, and are comfortable to wear all day long.

But first thing first let’s start with learning some basics…

What Are Speech Recognition Headsets?

A voice or speech recognition headset is a special device designed to recognize the commands or speak messages then convert or translate them into written texts.

This feature eases the typing process rather than spending hours typing the words to get written text. Besides this, you can also use the voice recognition headset for daily communication and other goals.

The most use of the voice recognition headsets is at telecommunication companies. The lag-free and efficient communication makes life easier and smarter.

Be familiar with some considerations on your way to getting the best headsets for speech recognition. Have a look at the considering factors and features of the voice recognition headset.

Factors To Consider

What are the best headsets for speech recognition? If you have ever asked yourself this question, then let us be the first to tell you that it is not an easy one. There are many factors that must be taken into consideration when looking at different products on the market today.

For example, if your headset has poor audio quality or doesn’t fit comfortably then there is no point in even looking at it.

Below are a few important factors to consider when buying a headset for speech recognition.

1. Audio Quality

This is one of the most important factors to look at when purchasing a new headset for speech recognition. Sound is the factor that holds 90% of the performance rate of the voice recognition headsets. Things you need to check here is the microphone’s quality.

Make sure it has noise-canceling technology to cut out your breaths and background noises and give a clear sound output. Besides that, the speakers should also be classy in performance. Whenever you spend your time listening to the audio, the audio should stand out.

2. Durability

Of course, you want to use the most out of the best headsets for speech recognition, and that is possible only when your investment is high-quality. Voice recognition is more prone to get cracked effortlessly, even with minor disruptions. Make sure the material of the headphone is high-quality so you get the best out of the money.

3. Design & Comfort

Being a telecom officer, you ought to know how long you wear the headsets. It is important that your headset fits comfortably so that you can wear it for long periods of time without getting a headache. If it is too tight or loose then this might be a problem as well.

While opting for the best headsets for speech recognition, check for the design; it has to be ergonomic for ultimate comfort. The earcups should have non-settling down paddings to keep the ear comfortable and avoid excessive sweating.

4. Compatibility and Connectivity

It is essential to make sure that your headset works with the software and hardware you use every day. If it doesn’t, then there’s no point in buying it.

En route to get the best voice recognition headsets, you will get two options; wireless and wired. Wired voice recognition headsets have USB or the 3.5mm standard audio jack. Wired headsets are compatible with Windows, Android, iOS smartphones, or other devices.

The second option, wireless headphones, don’t have any compatibility issues. You name it; they have it. These headsets are battery operated and can connect with any device effortlessly, as long it has wireless connectivity mode. Another best part about wireless voice recognition is you are free from the mess of wires.

Whatever you opt for, be sure that it fulfills your needs and fits your mode of use.

5. Price range

The price of a headset varies greatly depending on its features and quality. If you’re on a budget then look for something that is affordable and doesn’t have too many bells and whistles. You don’t want to break the bank when purchasing a new headset. Below last-mentioned headset on our list is high-grade and affordable speech recognition headsets. If you want quality at any cost, the budget is not an issue for you. Just make sure you are paying for the quality.

The best headsets for speech recognition can be found online or in stores near you. Make sure that you check out the reviews and see what other people are saying before making your purchase. Hopefully, these some basic factors helped you find the perfect headset for you.

Best Headsets for Voice Recognition

Here are the top 6 headsets that we think are the best for voice recognition tasks.

1. Plantronics – Voyager Focus UC with Charge Stand

Stay focused even in a noisy environment! Plantronics is the best to consider an option for Windows 10 and 11. The headset has both wired and wireless connectivity modes. The wired connecting mode is USB-A, while the wireless is Bluetooth with a range up to 98 ft.

The active feedback noise-canceling microphone clears background noises and delivers a crystal-clear output. Amazingly, the Plantronics UC voice recognition headset has three microphones. On fully charging, the battery lasts up to 12 hours.

The overall weight is 5.4 ounces. The slim and sleek design is effortless to roam around with. The cushions around the earcups keep the ear relaxed; earcups style is on-ear.


  • Up to 12 hours of battery life
  • Slim sleek, and lightweight design
  • Active noise-canceling technology
  • Offer both wired and wireless connectivity modes
  • Ergonomic style


  • Price point

2. Koss CS100 Speech Recognition Computer Headset

Koss CS100 is the second-best voice recognition headset with its dynamic performance and ultra-efficient sound quality. The headset has improved signal transmission for crystal-clear premium sound output.

The audio jack is a 3.5mm plug to stay connected with all. About the cord length, that is eight feet. For reduced sound distortion, the microphone is an electret hands-free microphone.

The over-ear design offers more space for the ear. The ear cushions maximize comfort, create balance, and distribute sound evenly. About the headband, that is plastic. The side frames are stainless steel to withstand harsh conditions.


  • Crisp, clear bassy sound
  • An affordable option
  • Best for the value
  • Adjustable boom microphone
  • Reliable and durable quality


  • Needed to handle with extra care

3. AAAPrice Voice Recognition USB Headset

In your years of telecom career, you haven’t got the best voice recognition headset that works fantastically, increasing the productivity of your work? Have voice recognition headphones by AAAPrice.

Accuracy is another name for this headset. This headset is specially designed to work with Nuance Dragon speech recognition software. The enhanced compatibility with VOLP applications satisfies every customer.

The design is frustration-free with a pro-flex microphone. With this microphone, rest assured for breathe popping. Its affordable pricing is the cherry on the top point to have this high-quality headset.


  • Built to last long
  • On-ear design with hassle-free cushions
  • Designed for Nuance Dragon Speech Recognition Software
  • Flexible and adjustable microphone
  • High-definition audio


No wireless connectivity mode

4. Jabra 2400 II USB DUO CC Wired Call Center Headset

Jabra 2400 is designed with world-class sound output, ultra-efficient noise-cancellation, and a breath-proof microphone to define the best performance you need.

Amazingly, Jabra 2400 II is 40% lighter than the opponents. The robust in-built durable quality is picture-perfect for heavy-duty performance. The large ear cushions protect passive noise, eliminating the background sound.

HiFi and HD voice technology delivers rich and crisp sound to your listeners. You can even spin the headset 360-degrees. Since it is a wired headset, use USB A-port to connect the headpiece with your PC.


  • Lightweight design with adjustable headband
  • Designed for unified communications
  • Unbreakable 360° flexible spin
  • Improved speakers with breath-resistant microphone
  • 40% lighter in weight


  • Not durable in performance

5. Monaural Lightweight Voice Recognition USB Computer Headphone

The lightweight headset will make you go wow for it. The wired voice recognition headset features a 3.5mm jack to connect with all devices. Besides that, you also get a USB connector to establish a USB connection.

Monaural is a one-way headset to focus better on the voice notes. The other side has a silicone T-pad. The wide adjustable headset allows you to adjust the size per your need.

The microphone has a 330-degrees rotation to use it the way you want. The microphone has active noise-canceling technology to block out sharp and murmuring sounds.


  • 330-degrees rotating microphone
  • Highly compatible
  • Adjustable wide headband
  • Cool-stylish ergonomic earcup
  • Pressure-free silicone T-pad


  • Poor customer support

6. BeeBang USB Headset with Noise Canceling Microphone

Let’s wrap up the review section of the best headsets for speech recognition with a USB headset by BeeBang. For multi-purpose use, the wire features a USB connection.

The one-side style aids in better focus; the other side has a pressure-free T-pad to keep the headset in one place.

The noise-canceling microphone has an adjustable flexible arm. For natural unbothered hearing, this headset features HD audio sound.

Slim-sleek lightweight design is pretty comfortable for all-day use. The acoustic shock circuit delivers hearing protection.


  • Perfect for all-day use
  • Flexible 330-degree rotatable microphone
  • Soft silicone T-pad
  • Wide-adjustable headband
  • Acoustic shock circuit for hearing protection


  • Hard to connect with smartphones due to the USB jack

My Favorite Headset

Seeing the multiple options, it must sound nerve-racking to opt for one. Since we have already gone through all, here is our recommendation;

  • Plantronics – Voyager Focus UC with Charge Stand
  • Jabra 2400 II USB DUO CC Wired Call Center Headset

These two headsets are the best to consider in 2022. Quality is out-class, the sound output is clear, and is ergonomic in design- perfect, all you ever want.


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  • Plantronics – Voyager Focus UC with Charge Stand
  • AAAPrice Voice Recognition USB Headset
  • Jabra 2400 II USB DUO CC Wired Call Center Headset
  • Monaural Lightweight Voice Recognition USB Computer Headphone


For unbothered communication and better performance in your department, invest in the best headsets for speech recognition. No hard and fast rules apply to get a voice recognition headset; make sure you pay for the quality, not looks.