How to Connect Unsupported Bluetooth to PS4? (Solved)

So you have an unsupported Bluetooth device that you want to use with your PlayStation 4. No need to worry, we can help you out.

There are two possible solutions to connect unsupported Bluetooth to PS4:

  1. Get the compatible Bluetooth headphone with ps4 (Gold Wireless Headset or Platinum Wireless Stereo Headset)
  2. Connect any Bluetooth headphones to PS4 with the help of third-party tools including Bluetooth dongle and male-to-male auxiliary cable

In this article, I’ll show you how to connect any headphone to PS4 with third-party adapters.

Can You Connect Any Bluetooth Headset to PS4?

Yes, you can connect ANY Bluetooth headset to PS4. However, due to PS4’s non-compatibility with Bluetooth headsets – you will have to go through a cumbersome procedure to connect your Bluetooth headset to PS4.


Method 1: Connect unsupported Bluetooth to PS4 With Cable

This method will require a male-male audio cable (like an aux wire). The cable comes with two 3.5mm jacks connected on both sides of the cord.

Step 1: Plug one side of the cable into the headphone’s 3.5mm port. And the other end of the cable into the PS4 controller.

Step 2: Now, jump into your PS4 settings and scroll all the way down to the “Devices” section.

device option in ps4

Step 3: Tap on “ Audio Devices” and then select the “Output Device” option and select “USB headset”

device and output device

Step 4: Now find the “Output to Headphones” option and make sure you select “All Audio”.

headphone connected to controller


Step 5: As both headphone and jack connect and you made the changes you’ll hear the audio.

Method 2: How to connect Unsupported Bluetooth Headphones to Ps4 With Dongle (Wireless)

If you don’t like the extra wires and want to achieve wireless functionalities then adopt this method.

Note: Before you use this method – make sure to get hands-on with a Bluetooth adaptor or dongle.

Do you have them? Okay, Let us proceed then!

  1. First, connect your Bluetooth USB to the PS4 console.
  2. Turn on your current headphones and pair them with your PS4
  3. Remember the Bluetooth adapter? Yes, connect it to your PS4 ( it goes in the 3.5mm jack)
  4. Hop onto the settings menu and scroll down to “Devices”
  5. Devices > Input Device > Headset connected to controller
  6. Go back and find the “Output Device” option and tap on “USB headphones”
  7. Step # 7 CONNECTED!.

How to Connect Unsupported Bluetooth to PS4 Without a Dongle?

You don’t want to go through the hassle of connecting your Unsupported Ps4 to Bluetooth headphones using wires and a dongle? Here’s a way to do it without a dongle.

  • Get your hands on a Playstation Vita or simply Vita
  • Go to device settings.
  • Pair it to your Bluetooth device
  • Link your PS VITA to PS4 using the PS link.
  • Connected!

Note: You won’t be able to use your PS4 controller while gaming.

Will any Bluetooth dongle work with a PS4 controller?

Yes, any Bluetooth dongle will work perfectly fine with the Ps4 controller.

However, the quality will increase or decrease the connectivity wavelength. A better quality dongle will allow you to use the controller from afar, while some will force you to be closer to the device.

But, regardless of the length – any Bluetooth dongle will get connected to PS4.

Why Does the PS4 Not Support Bluetooth Headphones?

Sony has not been given the option of connecting any Bluetooth headphones to your PS4 due to several reasons.

The first one is the effort to improve the gaming experience, as wireless headphones are prone to latency issues. These issues can take you back to the early 2000s when gaming consoles used to lag!

Additional Tips to Connect Unsupported Bluetooth Headphones to PS4

While Sony has removed the support of Bluetooth headphones officially from its flagship PS4 – you can utilize the USB support to connect ANY type of headset to your PS4.

And to counter the lagging issue, You can use a Bluetooth transmitter. The transmitter will ensure that frames are not dropped while you are gaming.


Playstation keeps displaying “Bluetooth devices not supported.” Can I fix it?

Sony has not given the option of using Bluetooth headphones with Playstation 4, but there are many bypasses that you can take to pair your favorite Bluetooth headphones to PS4.

Use a male-male audio cable with a built-in mic and connect it to your PlayStation by following these simple steps. Connect one end of the wire to your headphone and the other to the PS4 controller.

Go to settings > Devices > Audio devices > Output device > USB headset > find the option of “ output to Headphones” > All audio and voila!

You can use a Bluetooth dongle to connect your headphones through the USB support option. Use your PS VITA as an output device – as PS VITA supports any kind of Bluetooth device.

Final Words

We all have been in a situation where wired headphones have resulted in plain inconvenience while gaming.

However, Sony does not officially support Bluetooth headphones to work with PS4. But, there are many hacks that you can try to connect any pair of wireless headphones with your PS4.