Why iPhone Headphones Don’t Work on PS4? (Solved & Explained)

If you use apple or iPhone earphones/headphones with ps4, at some point you come across a bug that stops the headphones from working on ps4.

You might already perform different methods, searched online, and as you’re here chances are you didn’t find a solution.

Right, no need to worry.

As in this guide, we will walk you through step by step why iPhone headphones didn’t work on ps4 and how I can use my iPhone headphones to work again as a mic on ps4.

iPhone headphones/earbuds do not work on PS4 because the iPhone has a different jack standard. All other headphone companies manufacture headphone jacks on one standard, but iPhone doesn’t. That’s the reason iPhone headphones are not compatible with ps4. If your iPhone headphones work on a ps4, there will be two reasons to use the old ps4 or iPhone headphones that are compatible, but the latest iPhone headphones are not.

If you think that the problem is with your ps4 and not with iPhone headphones, get a headphone instead of an iPhone and plug it into the ps4 controller, it will connect and pick your voice immediately.

In order to understand well why the iPhone headphones don’t work, we need to first understand the working of the headphone jack. You can skip and can read the solution right away given below. 

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TRS VS TRRS: Difference between 3.5mm Connectors

To better understand why iPhone headphones don’t work with other devices like a ps4, you need to examine the way the headphone jack is built.

Starting with knowing what TRS and TRRS are.

T = Tip R = Ring S = Sleeve

TRS and TRRS are the types of 3.5mm jack. They are similar in appearance. However, TRS has three connectors while TRRS has four.


TRRS further categorized into two forms and here things start confusing.

First Form

  1. Tip – Left Audio
  2. Ring 1 – Right Audio
  3. Ring 2 – Common Ground
  4. Sleeve – Microphone signal

2nd Form

  • Tip – Left Audio
  • Ring 1 – Right Audio
  • Ring 2 – Microphone signal 
  • Sleeve – Common Ground

If you give a closer look, you’ll see that Common ground and microphone signal on Ring 2 and Sleeve flipped with each other. It depends on the connection you will plug in the headphone, which type of connection has.

As we talk here about ps4 and iPhone headphones. iPhone headphones have the first type of connection (left, right audio, common ground, and microphone signal), but the ps4 jack doesn’t support it. And that’s the reason iPhone headphones don’t work on ps4. Moreover, Vita (compatible with ps4) used the second type of connection. 

Here you need to understand one thing: any plugin that is compatible with iPhone, iPad, etc., will not be compatible with ps4. For a better explanation, read out a thread where a Reddit User explains headphone and PS4 compatibility.

How to Use iPhone/Apple Headphones as a MIC on PS4 

To connect your iPhone headphones, you just have to follow the instructions given below. Speaking of equipment you need, just make sure you have an iPhone headphone with a microphone.

As the image below shows, when you plug-in your headphones and speak, there will be no audio waves because at this moment it didn’t work.

iphone headphone connectivity with ps4


To make it working plugin and unplug your headphones three times simultaneously.

  • Plugin and plug out  > Plugin and plug out > Plugin and plug out.

Now speak and you’ll see waves with the mic as shown in the image. Make sure the jack stays inside.

iphone headphone connectivity with ps4 solved


You should be able to get the job done the first time around if you follow the procedure and perform as instructed.

This is the only way to connect wired iPhone headphones with ps4. If you have Bluetooth earphones/headphones, you can connect through Bluetooth. If the Bluetooth device is not compatible with ps4, get a Bluetooth Adapter, and connect it.

Can I use Apple headphones on ps4?

Yes, you can use both wireless and wired headphones on ps4. However, the process is not as simple and easy as other headphones have. If you have a wireless apple headphone but not compatible with ps4, follow these instructions.

  • Plugin a Bluetooth adapter into the ps4 console. 
  • Wait for the light to appear, or some lights on the adapter flash into blue or other colors to indicate pairing mode.
  • Now press the pairing button; the pairing button is usually placed on earbuds or the charging case.
  • Once the light is stable on the adapter, you’re connected.
  • After the pairing connects the jack into the ps4 control, and a message will pop up on the screen. Confirm it, and you’re good to go.
  • If the adapter does not connect, read the above section where I share how you can connect iPhone headphones with ps4.

Wrapping Up

As we discussed previously, iPhone headphones don’t work on PS4 for several reasons, including TRRS and different configurations of the jack. But they can be connected as mentioned above.

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If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I love to answer.

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