Is Audio Technica ATH M50x Good for Gaming?

Being a video streamer or gamer, your list of concerns must include having head-grade headphones that make a massive difference. Crisp music, durable quality, and attention to detail aren’t what you want. To achieve all of that you should give a look at the Audio Technica ATH m50x.

ATH m50x already proved to be the best Professional Studio Monitor Headphones and in this article, we will see whether it is equally good for gaming as well.

Is Audio Technica ATH m50x good for gaming?

Audio Technica ATH m50x is a transcendent match for gaming and video streaming. The rich sound output keeps the gamer connected with details, ergonomic design offers ultimate comfort, and the cherry on the top is the sound isolation. The only thing you need to consider is it does not have a mic.

Moreover, if you’re a content creator on YouTube or any other platform along with gaming ATH m50x is a perfect option to edit videos as well.

Its 45mm driver delivers exceptional performance along with compatibility with all devices. The best part about the Audio Technica ATH m50x is the compatibility with every device. Willy-nilly, whether you have an Android phone, iOS, or a laptop, the 3.5 mm audio jack pin will connect with all effortlessly.

The cord length is pretty long to keep you away from the wire mesh. On top of that, you can detach the cord to clean or when not using the headphones.

On Amazon, Audio Technica ATH m50x has 4.8 stars out of 5 with over 23,000 ratings. Even the price is considerable with such quality features.

Is Audio Technica ATH m50x worth it? What Makes This Headphone So Special?

A big yes! No matter for what purpose you use the headphones (music editing, streaming, or video gaming), Audio Technica ATH m50x will be worth every single penny you invest for a high-end music experience.

The highly versatile headphone is all set to rock your world with high-quality performance.

Here is the list of features Audio Technica ATH m50x offers. Have a sneak peek to figure out what level of performance is expected.

1. Sound isolation

Even in a loud environment, the sound performance you will receive will be worth your investment, all thanks to the circumaural design of the ear cups. The ear cups swiftly surround your ears, preventing background sound from entering the ear and spoiling the audio experience.

One thing to note about the circumaural design is it exerts a force on the ears. This exerted force can affect your gaming experience; if used for an extended period.

2. Rich bassy sound output

One thing is guaranteed with Audio Technica ATH m50x, which is rich sound output. More than video gamers, musicians and DJs prefer using these headphones. All thanks to the rich sound output.

The on the beat bass with an extended frequency range- is there anything you can ask for? The headphones are not exaggerated and deliver rich sound from the source.

The best performance of these headphones is when you plug them in with a portable DAC. The bass response goes swiftly deep and hits the low-ends effortlessly.

Audio Technica ATH m50x is the best match to expose the real sound quality and improve its flaws. The headphones keep a note on every single detail, allowing you to produce high-quality music.

3. Ergonomic design

Let us fall in love with the ergonomic design of the Audio Technica ATH m50x headphones. The one-line statement about the design is it is highly comfortable.

As the design is over-ear, it doesn’t suffocate the ears and keep them breathable. On top of that, the ear cups are relatively small to solve the common size issue. Besides that, the paddings in the ear cups are of high quality.

The only drawback that comes with the small size of the earcups is the less space for the ears. The compact design offers less space to the ears- which sometimes results in ear exhaustion after extended use.

The lightweight design of the Audio Technica ATH m50x feels so relaxing; you won’t even feel you are wearing something in the starting hours. The headband material is highly durable surrounded by foam for extra comfort.

4. 90° swiveling earcups

Besides using these headphones for gaming, another widely used purpose is music and audio editing. That is where the 90° swiveling plays its role. 90° swiveling earcups allow you one ear audio monitoring.

Besides that, the 90° swiveling is also highly useful for portability. All you need to do is collapse the headphones into half the original size and carry it anywhere you want.

5. Exceptionally Comfortable(Long hours use)

Of course, video gaming can’t be done in a few hours; you need to wear the headphones for hours and hours. Audio Technica ATH m50x is the best match for long hours of use.

The resistible headband with comfy paddings keeps your head breathable and evades excessive sweating. The material of the band and headband is high-grade synthetic leather.

6. No microphone – the missing element

Audio Technica ATH m50x can be anything but poor in performance and quality. The only missing ingredient I found is the microphone.

While video gaming, a microphone is a must to communicate with other players in a squad game. As Audio Technica ATH m50x misses a microphone, you might encounter communication difficulties.

Nevertheless, if you have the wireless Audio Technica ATH m50x, you can have the microphone option for crystal-clear communication. The beamforming technology, along with the dual microphones is picture-perfect for communication.

7. Battery Life

You might already know ATH m50 is available in both wired and wireless versions. Check by yourself ATH m50x wired version and ATH m50x wireless version.

The battery life Audio Technica ATH m50x is simply amazing. You can do all the tasks on a single charge, from editing the music to recording the song. Amazing, right?

On a full charge battery, the life span Audio Technica ATH m50x offers is up to 50 hours. Besides that, when running out of time, use the instant charging option and charge the battery for 3 hours within 10 minutes. Love this feature!

8. Multipoint pairing

While traveling, suppose you got a single pair of headphones; how will you connect both of your phones to stay connected with your professional and personal life? Use Audio Technica ATH m50x.

Audio Technica ATH m50x offers multipoint pairing. It means you can connect two devices via Bluetooth connectivity at once.


  • Rich audio output
  • Highly portable
  • Ergonomic design for high-end comfort
  • Sound isolation
  • 90° swiveling earcups
  • Long hours use
  • Great value for the price
  • Interchangeable wires
  • Sophisticated soundstage


  • No microphone
  • Quite chunky than the other portable headphones
  • Less space for ears due to small ear cups
  • Long hours can cause ear fatigue

Is Audio Technica ATH m50x wireless?

This question always raises confusion among the users. Some say Audio Technica ATH m50x is wireless, while others say it is a wired headphone.

Audio Technica ATH m50x is available in both versions, wired and wireless. Both versions are best in their shoes. Per the taste and preference, users opt accordingly. It depends on your taste and preference, about which version is best for you.

The wired Audio Technica ATH m50x is idyllic for regular use, streaming music, and listening to lectures. Besides that, the wired version has the feature to interchange the wires whenever you feel they are off the beat.

The wireless Audio Technica ATH m50x fulfills everyone’s demand list. The dual microphones with beamforming technology are picture-perfect for communication. Moreover, the wireless design allows you to go beyond the wires’ mess.

How long does the Audio Technica ATH m50x last?

How properly the product is taken care of weighs more than the in-built quality. With proper care, the Audio Technica ATH m50x can last long years. Contrary to it, the product can break down in a few months when neglecting the cleaning and proper care.

The metallic frame of the Audio Technica ATH m50x is stainless steel with high-quality paddings around. The material that encloses the paddings is high-grade synthetic leather.

With proper care and use, the expected life span of Audio Technica ATH m50x is 5-years. Yet, poor be the care, lesser be the life span.


Is Ath-M50x still good?

With over 23,000 ratings, Audio Technica ATH m50x is still on-call headphones for video gaming and music editing. The decent sound quality with sound isolation the product offers is irreplaceable.

Is M50x suitable for casual listening?

Audio Technica ATH m50x always makes sure it leads the lane when it comes to defining high-end sound performance. For casual listening, Audio Technica ATH m50x is an idyllic headphone.

Why is Audio Technica ATH m50x so good?

The reason behind the fame is the high-grade in-built quality with rich sound output. Also, the comfort level the headphones offer is simply satisfactory.


What do you think? Is Audio Technica ATH m50x good for gaming? A big yes! Summing up all the features of the Audio Technica ATH m50x, I conclude this as one of the best matches for video gaming and content creators(to edit music, videos, etc).